Learn more about Bone Cancer in Dogs

June 11, 2013

Dogs also experience bone cancer. There are even times when their disease is mistaken for other diseases like sprain, arthritis, patella luxation, hip dysplasia and other disorders related to orthopedic. Up until know, the reason why dogs get cancer is still unidentified. Mostly, during the time the cancer has been identified, it had spread all over the body already. This can be a very big problem.


There are 6 different kinds of bone cancer in dogs. The first one on the list is called Osteosarcoma. This Osteosarcoma is actually 80% of the most common dog bone cancer. In this type of cancer, the limbs are mainly affected. Large breed dogs are the dogs which are very risky and prone in this disease. The age of dogs suffering from this, ranges from 7 to 9. In Osteosarcoma, the inside of the bone is being destroyed until the damage is very evident on the outside already. The bone affected...


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